Mindfulness in Your Daily Routine

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I’m writing this for most of my friends who are engaging in corporate world in various angles. Immaterial to the nature of the business you are in, the responsibilities are holding in hands, the number of brands you are handling, the amount of assets you responsible on or anything in your business world… day in and day out you shuffle your mind to get the maximum results. You may be holding a most responsible position as a CEO, CMO, COO, CFO, MD, CTO or whoever in your business… BUT, have you ever though or identified that your mind as the driving force or fuel in your business while working with your team. Most logically you may be not.

This is the reason I thought of sharing my experience with you which I have gained by practicing this simple and toughest exercise. Why did I say this is Simple and Toughest? This is very simple and easy to say but very difficult to practice since we have to work with our uncontrollable and untamed mind. I love to talk about this behavioral science since I’m experiencing the real happiness in my life as a practitioner as well as a facilitator for beginners in this country.

I cannot say that I have achieved 100% knowing that the spiritual parameters of measuring this is far ahead to reach with my effort!!!! I know that I have Lot more to do and much far to go… BUT, the little effort I have taken in my life to understand this philosophy and with genuine practical inputs for my life, made significant change in my day to day behavior in both personal and business. So, I do believe in improving this or be being more mindful in daily routine. Very little change in to my daily cycle by adding 30mnts to 1 hour mindfulness exercise brought me the real different in my thinking as well as behavioral science.

How mindfulness will help you?

Mindfulness improves productivity of your own effort and also the productivity of your social connections. Behavioral changes send the positive vibes to the environment and in return receiving the same positive values based on the law of attraction.


I want to ask a simple question to take a start for this discussion. Are you a Mind Full Leader OR Mindful Leader???

We most of the time show up with Mind Full behavior and very less with Mindful behavior. I do not see this as your fault, because you and I both live in this dynamically moving world. All our six sensory organs eyes, ears, tongue, skin, nose and mind continuously connected with never ending environmental waves. All this make our mind full with things that we need or irrelevant. Behavior of our mind as an untamed animal, trying to connect with each and every stimulus receive through the six sensory organs. This is making our mind full with many things. The effort of mindfulness is to get rid of all these and connect the mind with the present moment to get the maximum output or improve the productivity of what he/she is doing at the present moment.

I would like to deliver one important message with this.

You all get experience from the past to plan for your future… BUT, if your mind is not at the present moment or if you are not mindful with your planning, your planning for future will be a failure since this moment is the starting point for your future.

Good Luck

Mahesh Weeratunge

Snr. Lecturer & Examiner – SLIM, Mindfulness Facilitator, Corporate Trainer for Brand Development, Marketing and Sales Management, Chief Marketing Officer – Soltioncity (Pvt) Ltd.,

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