Wake up Child my Dear…

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Wake up child, my dear from the deep

Drunken sleep,

Where dreams never come true

Neither happiness nor joy lie there.


Evils disguised as fairies

Sweet notes from their talkative mouths

Claim as true leaders and hairs

Of golden land of this


Everywhere foreboding lies,

Fairies raise their pleading hands

To the western skies

With welcome notes


Treason and conspiracy

Non-compromises of intellectuals

Divisions of the majority

To defeat the rivals


The land curses

Not for your laziness,

But for the bloody sacrifices

Of your ancestors


Gamini, Kitti, Sapumal and so on…


Then, wake up child my dear from the deep drunken sleep

To shoulder and generate historical turning point.


Be not delay

If not, lamenting for ever

Remember, still you are under

The blessing of the tree which stands majestically


Leave not. Pass not.

For the generation next

The golden sward seeks your mighty fist

To dismember every evil root.


S N Jayatissa   


  1. I am pleased to inform you that members of Viyathmaga Oman conducted a seminar on 5th and 6th of September 2018 and the speeches were delivered by Dr.Nalaka Godahewa and it was an informative session.
    Our wish is to further expand the “Viyathmaga Oman” and hope that you would extend your kind support as usual in future.
    Rohana- Membership No – 1840

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