Mindfulness for Suffering Reduction

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Connect Your Mind with Your Body

Your life is becoming more and more stressful and competitive to survive with changes in social, cultural and other environmental parameters in the world. You are more concern of utilizing your time running behind material happiness by forgetting your psychological happiness what I can see as the real happiness in this universe.

Your liking are changing day by day. Your inner chemistry is changing in every minute, your behavioral science is changing at a phase. What you wanted yesterday may not be needed today. Day in and day out you are trying to feed for what your mind is demanding in every moment.

Can you find a start or an end in this behavior???

This behavior in your life make you regret on what happened in the past, which no one can correct. At the same time your anxiety on uncertain future do not bring the happiness in the present moment.

So, are you experiencing the best present moment you spend in your life??? When you highly worry about the past and the future, you will loose the beauty of the present moment. If you can see the present moment as the best moment in your life, If you can feel the person in the present moment as the best person whom you have ever met in your life, If you feel about the things what you do at the present moment as the best thing you do in your life… your life become very much easier and happier.

Mindfulness is all about living in the present moment by connecting your mind with your physique. Your mind is always traveling faster than anything in the world. To a common man, it is very difficult to keep the mind in one location.

Mindfulness is a meditation techniques used since 2600 years back to tame your mind which is wandering without your permission.

This meditation can practice sitting in a lotus posture by giving the whole attention towards your breath which goes in and out. Your never ending inhalation and the exhalation are the pathway to this beautiful journey. Focusing on how your body is changing with your in-breath and out-breath and the feeling you get with this condition will help to connect your untamed mind with your body.

You can practice this even by walking or even while you have your meal and any of the activity you do your daily life. Sometimes you might feel that sitting in one place do not bring energy to keep your mind in one place or on one focus. So that you may practice walking mindfulness which your attention and focus must works towards the movements of your legs. Your focus attention towards, how your legs are moving forward, touching the ground, feeling you get along with these movement will help to bring your mind connected with the body.

Add this to your daily routine as you take your meal. Continuous practice on this will help to develop your brain capacity, your productivity by reducing your stress.

Experience the real happiness being in the present moment.

Good Luck

Mahesh Weeratunge

Snr. Lecturer & Examiner – SLIM, Mindfulness Facilitator, Corporate Trainer for Brand Development, Marketing and Sales Management, Chief Marketing Officer – Soltioncity (Pvt) Ltd.,



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